Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Learning to take charge of our own learning.

In Room 7 we are learning how to be good learners. How to take charge and responsibility for our own learning. 
Today during literacy learning time, while Mrs Parker was with one reading group, the other groups were taking charge of their own learning. Some were reading and blogging about KiwiKids news articles, others were seeing what other people had been learning about by reading and commenting on blogs, while another group was reciprocally reading. 

Reciprocal reading is a cool strategy that we use to lead our reading groups without a teacher. As a group we take turns being the 'leader' and predicting, clarifying, questioning, and summarising what we have read. This helps us to help each other make understanding. 

Reciprocally reading Weka Group (from left: Vainikolo, Sean, Fasi and Danny)

 Pukeko Reading Group (clockwise from left: Charlie, Newsam, Salote, McKenzie, Trent) 

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