Thursday, 26 February 2015

What a Kahoot!

Today in Room 7 Learn Zone we participated in an online Kahoot Quiz. 
Mrs Parker loaded 13 questions from our learning in the Life Education van. Each of us used our devices (tablets and iPads) as a game pad to answer the questions. 

This quiz was great for reminding us about all the amazing things we learned, and it helped those who hadn't remembered to learn it the second time around. 

The best bit about Kahoot is it told us straight away if we were correct or not, and what the correct answer was. There was a leaderboard to keep us all interested too. We could see how close we were to the person in front of us and improve our score by answering correctly and quickly. It was a great challenge for our brains! 

Well done to our top 5 this week: 
It was a really close game. Before the last question the order was Davarni, Honey, Luisa, Salesi and McKenzie.... how quickly the tables can turn.
Well done to everybody, we all participated and all learned a lot! 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Parts of the Brain.

Today Room 7 learned about parts of the brain. We watched this great video which helped us to learn and remember what the different parts do. We were then able to label the different parts of our brain. 

This diagram shows us that the cerebrum is the biggest part of our brain, the cerebrum is the part of our brain that controls our muscles. Muscles that we use everyday to move, work and play! It's pretty important so we need to look after it. We will be learning more about how we can look after our brain throughout the term. 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Being smart about the sun with alliteration

Today we learned about alliteration and being sun smart. 
We brain stormed all the words we could think of that were about summer and being sun smart. Then learned about alliteration, where words in a sentence start with the same letter. 

We had to make a catchy headline about being sun smart that used alliteration. 
We had to use at least three words that started with the same letter. 

Check out some of our sun smart alliteration. 

Slip, Slop, Slap, on the sand

Hats help in hot weather

Slip, slop, slap, sunscreen, sandals, she is sun smart.

Minimum madness can lead to melanoma madness.

Shorts and shirts, hides skin from the shining sun.

If it's sunny stay sun smart.

Hot, healthy, hydrated holiday.
We will keep learning about being sun smart throughout term one. 
In the meantime, you can find more information on

Monday, 16 February 2015

Exploring our Digital Footprint

Today Room 7 learned about making a positive digital footprint.
We talked about all the things we should keep private when online, and how we shouldn't share personal information about ourselves or others on the world wide web. 

We then talked about how information on the web can travel fast. So we wrote this message, and shared it on Mrs Parker's Google+ account. After 3 hours, we already have 14 shares from all around the world. Stay tuned to find out what we do with the information! 
If you read this, be sure to share the google post for us. 

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Learning Is Everywhere

The past few days have been very busy for Room 7 learners.

We've had swimming, cricket, art, maths, writing and more.

We really enjoyed working with our classmates during cricket.

Learning to swim has also involved practicing holding our breath and learning to float, we're sure that by the end of the swimming season we will be really confident in the water.

In Maths we tried a problem involving fractions. It was really tricky, but we worked together and solved it in the end.
Can you work it out?

Mrs Raj has netbooks to roll out.
On the first day she does ⅓ of the total.
On the second day, she does half of the remaining netbooks.
On the third day she does ⅕ of the netbooks that are left.
On the fourth day she does half.
On the fifth day she does the last four.

How many netbooks were there to roll out in total?

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Summer Swimming

New Zealand is a small country surrounded by water, so it is important that we learn to swim from a young age. Today Room 7 began our journey and made the journey to Glen Innes Pools to get swimming lessons with our new instructors. 

We will be getting lessons with them for the next five weeks so that we can learn to be safe around water in summer. We were getting the pool pump here at Glenbrae fixed today, so hopefully our own pool will be back in action next week. 

Thumbs Up Thursday

Would you believe it, week one back at school has already finished. It was a short week I suppose, with Waitangi Day tomorrow. 

We spent this week getting to know each other better. Today we each bought an item from home which we shared with a friend. Our friend then shared our item, and why it was special to us with the class.

 It was a great way to learn more about one another, and practice speaking aloud. 

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Welcome to Room 7 Learn Zone!

Kia Ora tamariki and whānau and welcome to Room 7. 

I am your teacher Mrs Parker and am looking forward to getting to know you all this year. 
Firstly a little about myself, I live with my husband 
Tamati in Auckland and we are busy renovating our house. 
I love cooking and creating new recipes. 
At school I enjoy maths, social studies and sports the most. 
I also like listening to music and riding my bike. 
This summer I have been learning to ride my new 
Stand up Paddle Board [SUP].  It's huge - 10ft tall - I am only 5.5"! 

This year I am looking forward to seeing all the learners 
at Glenbrae and in Room 7 learning and challenging themselves. 
We are going to spend the first couple of weeks getting to know
ourselves and one another.
To get you thinking in the meantime I want to share this question from Kid President with you

The world would be a more awesome if___________________ 
If what? You tell me.