Monday, 16 February 2015

Exploring our Digital Footprint

Today Room 7 learned about making a positive digital footprint.
We talked about all the things we should keep private when online, and how we shouldn't share personal information about ourselves or others on the world wide web. 

We then talked about how information on the web can travel fast. So we wrote this message, and shared it on Mrs Parker's Google+ account. After 3 hours, we already have 14 shares from all around the world. Stay tuned to find out what we do with the information! 
If you read this, be sure to share the google post for us. 


  1. This is a very great Idea Mrs.Parker. I think this is a kind of a experiment, but on the internet. Am I right? I am looking forward to learning other info on digital foot prints- Exciting :)

    1. Thanks Luisa, I'm glad you are excited about this, I am too!! I will give you all a full update tomorrow.

    2. And yes, you are right, this is an experiment. Science is in everything!