Friday, 31 July 2015

Standing by the window ~ by Luisa

This week we have been continuing our poetry reading. 
We read Journey through the stars by Alan Bagnall (SJ P4 N2 2004). 
It's a charming poem about looking down at the stars. Yes, down. The author wrote it from the perspective of a boat in the middle of the ocean. Looking at the reflection of the stars in the ocean. Following this we tried creating our poems with hidden meanings.

Read Luisa's poem Standing by the window
Read more of Luisa's work on her personal blog

Monday, 27 July 2015

Egg-citement in Room 7

What an egg-citing start to the week. Today as part of the Keeping Ourselves Safe programme we have become chief babysitters of eggs. Yes, eggs. Fresh, not boiled, precious eggs. 

Four the next four days each pair of classmates have to care for their egg at all times. This is so that we can learn about all the hard work that goes into looking after others. Children have blankets for their eggs, and are responsible for their eggs 24/7. 

Children had to pick a partner, someone they could rely on to also look after their eggs as they have shared custody.
This is going to be an egg-citing challnege, a bit of an egg-speriment, and we hope that they all have an egg-ceptional week learning how to become egg-stremely great parents!

(from left, clockwise) Loto & Charlie with their egg 'Eric', Nirvana & Whitney with 'Taylor', Newsam & Salote

Amelia and Mary decorating their egg 'Caroline', and Davarni and Shannon decorating their egg. 

Unfortunately however, there have already been two fatalities with two teams eggs accidentally being dropped.  Very unfortunate events, but taught us just how careful we need to be. 
Simeon and Maselino with their Egg.... which suffered an unfortunate event.

Another unfortunate casualty. 

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Holidays - By Sean

This week we wrote poems using the five senses and a colour to describe our holidays. 
Read Sean's poem about the holidays, or more of Sean's work on his blog. 

Holidays are blue  like the shining sky
Holidays taste like warm dinner on a dark night
Holidays smell like no school the next day
Holidays look like freedom away from school
Holidays sounds like nature all around me
Holidays feels like smooth air on my skin
By Sean.

The Kitchen - by Honey

 This week we have been writing poems. Some of us read a poem about Aliens (from School Journal 
Part 4 Number 1, 1992 page.18) The aliens were coming and we needed to mess up the bathroom to prepare for their invasion. We then tried to make our own similar poems about the kitchen using irony. Read Honey's poem below. 

The Kitchen

Eat your food and don’t clean the mess

Try your best to not impress.
Don’t clean your dishes
Don’t scrub them too
incomes my  mother “ I’ll clean the mess for you!”

Leave the cupboard doors open, for sure they will close
It will attract your pet’s attention, lead by the nose.

“Bang!” shouts  the pan as it drops on the floor
As you can see, your mess has spread more!
Don’t worry, it’s not as much of a huge problem
It just makes you feel awesome.

Set up a soccer set inside the kitchen,
you don’t need to ask your parents for permission.
You get a soccer ball made out of cheese,
don’t be careful if you have lost the keys.


Thursday, 23 July 2015

Welcome Back Tamariki!

Week one of term three has kicked off with a bang. We have some fantastic programmes happening this term including Keeping Ourselves Safe, Fair Play, Poetry, Speeches, Persuasive and Narrative Writing, Multiplication strategies, and film making.

This week we have started writing poems, check our individual blogs (linked down the side of the page) to see our creative writing.

Today we practiced a relay and discovered all the reasons why fair play is important to us. It helps the game become more fun when we practice taking turns and following the rules that we all agree on.
Taking turns in a adventure course
Following rules, and playing fair!
We've also had fantastic success so far in our maths thinking. we are learning to use Stage 5 and 6 strategies which means solving maths problems using our times tables instead of skip counting.
Check out some of our multiplicative strategies that we used to solve how many bunches of 5 can fit into 320. Check our other Math blogposts to see some useful videos showing how to use smart strategies.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Holiday Home Learners

We're over a week through the term break and I'm so impressed to see that some of the tamariki are keeping up with their writing and math with the use of their digital tools. 

Well Done Tamati, Setaita and Nirvana who have logged into Xtra Math to practice their basic facts knowledge. 

Ka pai to Trent, Tamati, Danny, Nirvana and Loto who have blogged during the holidays 

Finally Good work Loto, Danny, Alex, Nirvana, Sean, and Setaita  who have been earning points on StudyLadder. 

Monday, 6 July 2015

June Blogger of the Month: Loto

Congratulations Loto on being June blogger of the month.

Loto has learned how to use labels to organise his blogging. By using a few labels on each blog post he can easily find old posts.
It also works like a filing system. Making sure that all writing posts are linked together, as are all the different topics we learn about.
This makes keeping track of his learning journey so much easier, which is especially important after we have been blogging for a long time!

Read Loto's blog here

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Holiday Home Learning

With one day of term 2 left each child went home with a home learning pack today.

In it was a reading log, some creative blogging prompts, and some mathematics strategies and practice activities. 

With two weeks of no school it's time to keep cozy, and take ownership of your own learning.  

If you want help with your maths here's a few videos that will teach you some smart strategies! Share them with whānau and see if they can do the problems too!

Happy home learning Glenbrae tamariki. Ka mau te wehi. 

Solve fraction problems using repeated addition.

Solve division problems by using your times tables. 

Solve subtraction problems like 85 - 39 = _  
by making the second number a "tidy number"

Solve fraction problems like 2/5 of 25 =

Solve multiplication problems like 4 x 27 = _ 
by splitting the bigger number into tens and ones. 

Inquiry Roadshow

This morning Glenbrae School had our inquiry roadshow. This is so that each class can share the learning that they have done throughout the term. We create presentations, posters, diagrams, movies and hands-on activities to share with whānau, friends and classmates. 
We took turns sharing and practicing our presentation skills, making our teacher, Principal and families very proud. 

In case you missed the roadshow, or wanted to see more, view our personal blogs

This term's inquiry focus was in theme with the recent 100 year anniversary of Anzac Day, learning about WW1, weaponry, medicine, and NZ history.