Monday, 27 July 2015

Egg-citement in Room 7

What an egg-citing start to the week. Today as part of the Keeping Ourselves Safe programme we have become chief babysitters of eggs. Yes, eggs. Fresh, not boiled, precious eggs. 

Four the next four days each pair of classmates have to care for their egg at all times. This is so that we can learn about all the hard work that goes into looking after others. Children have blankets for their eggs, and are responsible for their eggs 24/7. 

Children had to pick a partner, someone they could rely on to also look after their eggs as they have shared custody.
This is going to be an egg-citing challnege, a bit of an egg-speriment, and we hope that they all have an egg-ceptional week learning how to become egg-stremely great parents!

(from left, clockwise) Loto & Charlie with their egg 'Eric', Nirvana & Whitney with 'Taylor', Newsam & Salote

Amelia and Mary decorating their egg 'Caroline', and Davarni and Shannon decorating their egg. 

Unfortunately however, there have already been two fatalities with two teams eggs accidentally being dropped.  Very unfortunate events, but taught us just how careful we need to be. 
Simeon and Maselino with their Egg.... which suffered an unfortunate event.

Another unfortunate casualty. 

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