Saturday, 25 July 2015

The Kitchen - by Honey

 This week we have been writing poems. Some of us read a poem about Aliens (from School Journal 
Part 4 Number 1, 1992 page.18) The aliens were coming and we needed to mess up the bathroom to prepare for their invasion. We then tried to make our own similar poems about the kitchen using irony. Read Honey's poem below. 

The Kitchen

Eat your food and don’t clean the mess

Try your best to not impress.
Don’t clean your dishes
Don’t scrub them too
incomes my  mother “ I’ll clean the mess for you!”

Leave the cupboard doors open, for sure they will close
It will attract your pet’s attention, lead by the nose.

“Bang!” shouts  the pan as it drops on the floor
As you can see, your mess has spread more!
Don’t worry, it’s not as much of a huge problem
It just makes you feel awesome.

Set up a soccer set inside the kitchen,
you don’t need to ask your parents for permission.
You get a soccer ball made out of cheese,
don’t be careful if you have lost the keys.


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  1. Thank you Mrs Parker for sharing my poem!