Friday, 15 May 2015

MOTAT Museum of Transport and Technology.

Another week has zoomed by, and this one was as action packed as always. 
On Wednesday we piled onto the green buses and headed for MOTAT with the rest of the senior school. 
Our main learning focus was World War One and the technologies they used during the war for communication. We also learned all about the early technology that people used... learning about this this allowed us to think about where we were and where we are now. It's amazing that the seemingly simple technology from the olden days has led us to today. 
For example, running water. At MOTAT we went to the Pumphouse. One of the first technologies in New Zealand that allowed for transport of water to villages. Before that, people had to take a bucket to a nearby stream, while nowadays we can just turn on a tap in our house. 


  1. Hi Room 7,
    Thanks for sharing the purpose of your visit to MOTAT, seeing changes in technology in communications. My grandma used to type letters to me using her typewriter. If she made an error, she couldn't simply backspace and re-type it, and there wasn't a red line under the errors to show them. She would simply cross it out afterwards and write the correct word in handwriting above it.
    Cheers, Tsana (Robin's mum)

  2. i liken your photos

  3. This is a cool photo