Friday, 18 December 2015

Congratulations Room 7

What a wonderful week and year it has been Room 7. 
On Tuesday we had our end of year prize giving. 
Congratulations to our prize winners 

Top Academic Girl
Top Academic Boy
Excellence in Music
Excellence in Art
Excellence in Physical Education
Excellence in Social Skills
Excellence in Digital Learning
Most Improved Academic

Also congratulations to Shannon, Fasi, Davarni, Loto, Luisa, and Salote who received awards for excellent attendance. Well done. Being at school all the time means that you are making the most of every opportunity to learn. 

Every year we have a winner from the Jnr and Senior syndicate to receive the Ofa Kina Award. This award goes to the kindest most respectful and thoughtful person and is voted by their peers. Teachers have no say in it. This year the Senior Syndicate Ofa Kina Award went to our very own Luisa. Congratulations Luisa. 

Afterwards we had our dance presentations in front of our parents. We looked and felt wonderful dancing the waltz, the samba and hip hop. We also looked pretty wonderful doing our silly faces below! Haha. It's been a fabulous year Room 7 - All the best next year. 

Friday, 11 December 2015

Fraction Strategies

Today we went over the fraction strategies for working out a part of an amount.  Watch for yourself and have a go at our practice problems 

There are 35 people in Room10.  
If 3/5 of them are boys, how many are girls?

There are 36 candles to put on Mrs Parker's birthday cake. 
How many candles are on 3/4 of the cake?

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Wondrous Whittaker's

This week was an extraordinary week. Mrs Parker procured some chocolate straight from Whittaker's head office for us to all try. We used a chocolate meditation script to help us use our senses to mindfully taste, smell, and feel the chocolates. 

We used this as an opportunity to develop our figurative writing skills. First we described the chocolate flavours then imagined that we were in the Willy Wonka Factory (or Whittaker's Factory) and were able to create any flavour in the world! Stay tuned to see our upcoming blogposts of what we thought.