Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Malama Honua Welcoming

Today Room 7 and the other senior students from Glenbrae School walked to Point England Beach for a once in a lifetime experience. We were part of the welcoming of the Malama Honua waka that arrived from Hawai'i. There were all twelve Manaiakalani schools present and we sang to welcome the sailors ashore. Manaiakalani is a Hawaiian word which means 'hook from heaven'. The 'Children of the navigators' Russell Burt described us as because as Tongan, Māori, Samoan, Niuean, Fijian, Cook Islands, we are descendants of the navigators who first travelled here hundreds of years ago. This is why it was significant that we as Manaiakalani schools could be there to welcome the voyagers today. 

Waiting for the waka to arrive
Welcoming the waka 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Fractions with Pizza ~ Luisa

Luisa created this "pizza" by cutting it into eighths. Not only did she tell us how many eighths each topping was on, but also how many pieces of each topping altogether. Well done Luisa. Check her individual blog for the digital copy also. 

I learnt how to make pizza art using fractions.
I found it difficult to draw the pieces of topping on my pizza.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Wow.. what a performance

Today Glenbrae School was treated to a wonderful performance from Motuhake called I Am Special. They were a group of actors/dancers who performed a story WITHOUT TALKING. Instead they used dance, gesture and sound effects to share their message.
Everybody was so entertained and couldn't take their eyes off them, we were laughing so loud. 

Some of the senior students got the privilege of helping the performers with their "Because I'm Happy" song. Honey, Sean, Tamati and Davarni from Room 7 got up there and took part in the show. They were absolutely fantastic. 
Watch the clips below to see some of the action. 

The stars of the show


In Room 7 we have 30 birthday's a year and they are all special. On Friday was Alex's 9th birthday and this was extra special because we all got to share in his joy with this delicious chocolate cake. 

Thank you Alex and we hope you had a great birthday. 

Our Playground Upgrade

On Thursday last week we had consultants in from a firm called Atlis to repaint our playground and seats in the junior block. They worked hard all day in the warm weather, repainting our equipment.
Now it all looks shiny and new. Thank You Atlis Consulting!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Buttefly Creek ~ by Penitoa

Penitoa wrote a recount about our recent trip to Butterfly Creek. To read more of Penitoa's blogposts go here

On Monday the 16th of March Glenbrae School took a bus to a field trip to butterfly creek. 

While we were there we ate our morning tea with the whole class.  While we were sitting there Paul and Sunita taught us where we are going to. Paul explained about the dinosaurs and the facts about what happened with all the items he had. 
Then it was time to go to the dinosaur kingdom we saw lots of dinosaurs roar! and we were scared. We had a photo there. 

Then we went to ride on the train. We went on a circle around the dinosaur kingdom. After that Room 7 went to the farm we were patting a rabbit in the little place. 

Then we went to the Aquarium we saw lots and lots of fish and a helm. After the aquarium Room 7 went to the butterfly room, there were lots of butterflies flying in the room. I tried to get one but it's hard getting one. After that Room 7 went to the crocodile room. The crocodile's name is Scar and Goldy. 

After that Room 7 went for lunch we were eating on the table. When we were finished we went to the butterfly room we saw a tarantula in a lunch box and it was scary but if you attack it it will bite you. 

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Trip to Butterfly Creek ~ By Davarni

Davarni wrote to recount our trip to Butterfly Creek. 
Enjoy her writing below or read it on her individual blog.

On Monday the 16th March Glenbrae School went by bus to Butterfly Creek to learn about dinosaur features butterflies and crocodiles.

First, we went to the hall and the teachers counted us. Then we got on the bus and waited to get to Butterfly Creek. Eventually we got there and lined up to go inside. Next we had morning tea then went to the dinosaur kingdom. I saw a lot of dinosaurs and different kind of species.After that we went to the train and it took us all around the dinosaur kingdom.I felt shocked when I heard the dinosaurs.

Next room 7 went to the farm, I really liked the farm.On the farm I went to go look at the pigs and llamas but the pigs were sleeping. Meanwhile I looked at the bunnies I got to hold one and I got to brush a goat.I was happy  when I was brushing the goat. Soon we went to the aquarium but we didn't stay for long because we went to the butterfly room.It was really hot but the butterflies were pretty because their patterns were colourful and awesome.

Then we had lunch after that we went to the crocodile show. Their names were Goldy and Scar but we only watched Scar. He was fast in trying to get his food.Then we went to watch the tarantula. I got front seat. First Paul told us about his fangs and when he will defend.

At last we went back to school and went back to class. I felt playful.

By Davarni.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Butterfly Creek Trip

Today, Monday the 16th of March, Room 7 took a bus to Butterfly Creek. This field trip was so that we could learn more about dinosaurs, crocodiles, butterflies and more. Rooms 8, 1, 4, and 5 also came along with us.

Here is a collection of the photo's taken on the day.

Stay tuned to our blogs to read our personal recounts of the day.

Friday, 13 March 2015

An outdoors kind of day...

Today we took our classroom outdoors. We had our final swimming lesson for the summer this morning, then Kiwi Can outside with teamwork activities, and finally we had our school assembly outside under the shade of the trees. 

In Kiwi Can our theme is Positive Co-operation. It's really important that we learn to work together positively, find solutions and compromise to achieve our goals. 

Today we did some team-building activities which required us to talk and work together to complete the task. This meant everyone had to participate, listen and communicate respectfully. 

Creating the letter A with our bodies

A Car ...
... with two headlights, two drivers and windscreen wipers

A Star - This one was so great that some of the people from other groups decided to join in too!
Next we played a game called code breaker, where we had to crack the code by jumping through hoops until you had the right combination. If you got one wrong your next team member had to remember how much you had cracked so far. It was a fun and fast paced game which required teamwork and a lot of focus. 

Playing Code Breaker

It was lovely having our assembly under the trees today, though we did have to combat with the noise of the cicada's chirping. 

Rooms 1 & 4 did a lovely job of presenting and sang a song about caterpillars turning into butterflies. 

Room 1 and 4 presenting assembly

Kahooting our Current Events

See how engaged Room 7 is completing our Kahoot Quiz... 

The questions were all about current events this time. We had 120 seconds to answer the question.
We had to use keywords to quickly search the internet for any answers we didn't know. 
It was challenging, but really fun! 

Sensational Swimming

Today is the last day of the Glenbrae School swimming season. 
We've had great success learning to swim (and cooling off!). 
We've gained confidence in the water. 
We've learned freestyle, and some of us backstroke.
We've practiced holding our breath underwater, and floating on our tummies and backs. 

We've learned about water safety (LIFE JACKETS) and what to do if we feel into the water. 

But most of all, we've had fun!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Touch with KiwiSport

Our newest Kiwisport started this week. I'm very excited to announce that we are playing touch!

I play touch at on Monday nights, and our final game of the season is next week.

We have some budding touch stars in Room 7! 

Discovery Learning - The Human Body

This terms discovery has been all about the human body. 
We've learned so much already about the main body systems, respiratory (breathing and lungs), circulatory (heart and blood flow), muscular, central nervous system (brain), digestive (stomach and intestines) and are now going onto our collaborative discoveries. 
Have a look at the things we want to know more about!
Such inquisitive minds we have in room 7. 

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Blogger of the Month - February

February flew by before we new it, and over the month Room 7's Yr 5 learners began receiving their very own netbooks. Blogs were created mid-feb, so with only two weeks to get ourselves blog savvy we are off to a flying start. 
This month's blogger of the month goes to Alex, Alex has learned the value of adding pictures to blogposts - even making helpful blog comments to others to suggest a picture. 
Alex has remembered to put a title and use labels on each blog post too. These make it much easier for readers to find their way around his blog, especially once he has dozens of blogposts! 

You're off to a great start Alex - keep blogging! 
You can view Alex's blog or any of our classmates blogs here