Sunday, 22 March 2015

Buttefly Creek ~ by Penitoa

Penitoa wrote a recount about our recent trip to Butterfly Creek. To read more of Penitoa's blogposts go here

On Monday the 16th of March Glenbrae School took a bus to a field trip to butterfly creek. 

While we were there we ate our morning tea with the whole class.  While we were sitting there Paul and Sunita taught us where we are going to. Paul explained about the dinosaurs and the facts about what happened with all the items he had. 
Then it was time to go to the dinosaur kingdom we saw lots of dinosaurs roar! and we were scared. We had a photo there. 

Then we went to ride on the train. We went on a circle around the dinosaur kingdom. After that Room 7 went to the farm we were patting a rabbit in the little place. 

Then we went to the Aquarium we saw lots and lots of fish and a helm. After the aquarium Room 7 went to the butterfly room, there were lots of butterflies flying in the room. I tried to get one but it's hard getting one. After that Room 7 went to the crocodile room. The crocodile's name is Scar and Goldy. 

After that Room 7 went for lunch we were eating on the table. When we were finished we went to the butterfly room we saw a tarantula in a lunch box and it was scary but if you attack it it will bite you. 

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