Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Learning Is Everywhere

The past few days have been very busy for Room 7 learners.

We've had swimming, cricket, art, maths, writing and more.

We really enjoyed working with our classmates during cricket.

Learning to swim has also involved practicing holding our breath and learning to float, we're sure that by the end of the swimming season we will be really confident in the water.

In Maths we tried a problem involving fractions. It was really tricky, but we worked together and solved it in the end.
Can you work it out?

Mrs Raj has netbooks to roll out.
On the first day she does ⅓ of the total.
On the second day, she does half of the remaining netbooks.
On the third day she does ⅕ of the netbooks that are left.
On the fourth day she does half.
On the fifth day she does the last four.

How many netbooks were there to roll out in total?

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