Monday, 10 August 2015

Te Reo Māori myths and legends.

Last Wednesday morning, Room 7 jumped on a bus sang to the bus driver and arrived at Glen Innes Library to be greeted by 5 kaiako (teachers) from Auckland Museum. We were divided into two groups were we each sat on different sides of a blue cloth. The cloth represented an awa (river). Our kaiako taught us how to use patu (club) and rakau (stick) just like the native ancestors of Aotearoa (New Zealand - The land of the long white cloud). Then we began to hear a story about two tribes - Waitakere and Hunua. The waitakere people were known as patupaiarehe (forest fairies), they were small and had long flowing blonde hair and blue eyes. The hunua people were known as Tūrehu (fairy people), and were also small with flowing red hair. These people had a great battle and our job was to participate and act out the battle between the two tribes.
See the video's below.

Following this, we were each given a piece of clay. Here we made a mould of a matau (fish hook), just like Maui used to fish up the North Island. Later on, we will use our mould to create our own taonga (treasure) necklace from.

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